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Originally Posted by etrillan View Post
really... I actually didn't know that. I'm going to call right now. haha I'm trying my best distract myself from NOT looking up how to track the car everyday, and kind of just wait for the dealer to call me lol.

I did the same when I ordered -- Got my production number next day.
Impossible to stay away from wanting to "know". I don't call the CA, but I do call the 800 every morning when I know it's technically updated its system.

If you've read the Class of 2013 thread, feel bad for the guy who picked up his car and on the way home (65 miles in) oil leaked and splattered all over his engine bay. Reminds me to check my oil cap before I drove off, and while I'm at it I'lll bring my torque wrench and check the lugs as well.