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Originally Posted by 1LUMI View Post
My cousin had just I believe an AA exhaust at the time.. he was 6MT..

Before my DP's and FMIC I would pull slightly on a 40 roll. to 130ish.. I was tune+intake+No secondary cats/resonator.

We've done races with my car being tune only, tune+intake.. highboost+intake+no sec cats or resonator.
Bunch of different races with different mods, but haven't tested my new Downpipes and FMIC setup with new plugs..

High rolls favor M3's for sure.. stay closer up top.
I was on pump gas for all the races.

Thought it would be fun, im sure theres someone in the area that would love to see where there M3 is at speed wise, and what it can do against a modded 335i. All in good fun, I think it be lots of fun.
DCT would be great race!

The heavy wheels look good I bet, but def effect performance in all aspects, so its a balance point.
I agree 100%. I'm also a 6mt, with no short shift kit ....yet.

I have heavy wheels because I rarely get into racing, so my cars appearance gets most of my wallets attention. LOL I'm sure I'll change my mind down the road...get lightweight wheels, VT620 kit and call it a day. lol

Good luck with finding someone. Let us know what happens!