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Originally Posted by dogbone
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So I was on vacation in Vegas, it wasn't raining and I was taking a left turn (tracking on). I gave it some gas while turning and the car slided sideway quite a bit then I managed to have it under control and the car was running fine after that.
This was a pleasant surprise as the car was easy to maneuver , but I wonder what could be the reason because this has never happened before. Btw the rear tire has little tread left. Is this should be a concern?

PS: I never track the car, and dont do anything crazy on street.
thanks in advance
I drive my M3 to Vegas every year, and I have plenty of track experience, so I can say that I know how to control my car. Down near the Vegas strip on the surface streets, I have also found that many of the road surfaces in Vegas have strangely low traction. It's like there's a bizarre coating of tar or something that gives less traction. Many of the road surfaces even look shinier than "regular" black top. I used to think I was crazy for thinking this, but I've felt lower grip on corners in Vegas many times. And no, I wasn't flying around the corners. I save that for the track.
I felt the same way about street and I rarely go fast on turns.
Thx for replying