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Originally Posted by HREM3 View Post
I'll agree on the fact that its not a good DD.

Although with each year owners say they've been tweaking the suspension to ride a little nicer. I only drove a 2009 GTR. It was very harsh. It rode harder than my fathers Scuderia, but I loved the Scud for weekend driving...nothing I've ever driven has come remotely close.
It's a harsh ride due to the run flats. I just switched to non-run flats and it's a night and day difference. That being said, comfort mode on my gt-r is about the same as the harsh setting on my 2011zcp that I had.

To the guy that said the car made too many noises to be used as a daily. Don't see how that's relevant to someone that likes to drive their cars every day. I dd'ed my 2010 gt-r for 10 months and the noises never bothered me once. Road noise and various other transmission sounds are just preference. When I say I DD my GT-R, I put 22,000 miles on it over the past year.

I've never once had someone in my car say "wow this thing is loud". My durango that has mud terrain tires on it right now is a totally different story but I still daily that.

Ask 10 people what they consider a 'good daily driver' and you'll get 10 different answers.
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