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Originally Posted by Stronghammer View Post
for you guys that modify your car to cross the line ? Specifically I mean going from superficial cosmetic mods to warranty voiding performance mods. I have owned my M3 for 17 months and have test pipes ready to install and a supercharger on the way. Full steam ahead and no looking back for me.
I'm fairly certain I'm done with that. After over $100k spent in mods alone on assorted cars, big ticket mods aren't in my future any more. The reason is simple. You get absolutely no money back on them. In fact, it can make your car that much harder to sell even compared to stock. I think I have decided that if I feel the need to mod a car to that degree, then I should just switch to a different car. This could be different if I find a "forever" car, but as nice as the M3 is, it is not quite that car for me.
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