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If you don't track your car much, go with the RS5, I just had an encounter with one on the highway and I got to say I was REALLY impressed by the car, it look so good and the sound is just incredibly awsome, probably the most beautifull front end I've ever seen in my rear view mirror, those headlights make the car look like a million bucks.

I was also really impressed by the performance, thanks to it's 7-speed dual clutch tranny, he was able to hang with my 6-speed VT1-535 for a couple of second each time we went WOT because of its better gearing and gear change!

Also as people know the RS5 has pretty much the same performance then an M3 in professional hands which meens that in hands of most people it will be faster around a circuit due to its AWD which makes it easier to drive fast!

Heres the RS5 I've raced this week, so nice in black on black, just a bad ass car, better looking then an M3 IMO!
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