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Originally Posted by guardodoc View Post
Davo, Waiting for my M3. I'll get the second year run because I had so many problems with my first year 645ci. Unfortunately my 2006 650i was bought back by BMW for recurrent i-drive problems and other software issues.
I'm enjoying the 325 in the mean time. I bought one for 2K to fill the gap while I'm waiting.
You gettin' one?
Ya, I have my deposit in. I'm number six in line. I may opt to wait for the second year run myself...not sure yet. I'm debating several options. One is if they change the taillights on the 335i sedan, and the M3 price comes in too high for what it is with options, I will either go with the 335i sedan, or maybe a Cayman all comes down to bang for the buck and what other stuff I can spend my money on. We will see.
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