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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Chasing a particular number is not realistic. If your car is dynoing 330whp with an ESS tune, don't expect another tuner to be able to pull significantly more. Could 340 or 350 be realistic? Sure.

My car was dynoed on a HUB dyno with the wheels OFF. Obviously there are losses associated with the wheels and tires, so to compare wheel HP from a dynojet/dyno dynamics to a hub dyno is yet another pointless exercise. Look at the delta gains. In the original post the green line was a stock 2011 M3, blue was my car with the bolt on mods, and pink was tuned with the same mods.

I just finished tuning a stroker motor about 15 minutes ago. We'll have some pretty cool stuff coming up in the near future - forget dynojet, dynapack, and dyno dynamics, I'll be using a Maha dyno from now on. That's as close to the real deal as you can get. If you're chasing horsepower, I'd prefer you choose another company to tune your car. Smoothness, power delivery, features, safety and reliability are my PRIMARY concerns. Horsepower and torque and second. I can make ANY of my M3 tunes more powerful by reducing safety margins. Many people want a dyno queen, but at what expense?

My tunes have been track, street, and dyno tested in EXTREME conditions (over 100F ambient temperatures), 300+ F oil temperates, and 110 + C coolant temperatures. If you want something more powerful, feature rich, and as reliable as BMW's factory software, you've come to the right place. If you're looking for a pretty chart with shiny lines I'd prefer if you used another company.

Thanks for your comments everyone, I hope to keep bringing you more exciting developments.

Edit: Added X5M dyno to post #23

Sorry, did I offended you by asking if anyone have dyno result before /after your tune. If I did offended you, that was not my intention. I just want it to see some HP/TQ difference, before and after the tune.

I saw your "dyno jet" result was very impressive, 411whp/300tq. The tq number is almost the same as car's with an stage 1 supercahrger. People said they feel the power after your tune. I'm just trying to see if anyone have dynoed their car before/after your tune. Is great to hear everyone "feel" the result of the tune. But it would also be great to "see" dyno result of the hp/tq difference before and after the tune.

My car put down 338whp/252tq from my exhaust and ess tune,which was very low. Do I expect to gain a little bit more after my software updated at the dealer and after your tune? Yes, I do expect more power after that. Because everyone were posting how their car is a beast now, how great it feel, the power and the Smoothness. Even Marco told me on the phone, If I want some real power gain I should get the tune from you and I will feel "night and day differences." Because he said "Night and Day Differences," of course I was think wow it must be some really good power gain, not unrealistic gain but some good gain. I was going to order intake and pulley next week then get the tune from you. But if by asking for dyno result from people made me looked like a number chaser, shiny dyno line seeker, dyno queen or whatever else you want to call it, then so be it . If dyno result and hp/tq number gains don't matter, then why bother post up dyno sheet or how much hp/tq a car gain from the tune.