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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
This is exactly why Porsche is a horrible value new, but a great value used. You can get some very nicely optioned Porsches for only a little more than their bare bones counterparts on the used market. The cost of those options hold little value in the used market.

I bought my 2009 Cayenne GTS with only 8600 miles on it for $67,000. New It was over $91,000. It came with Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control, a $4000 option, and The Sport Design wheels, which were $3500 upgrade. I paid virtually NOTHING for these upgrades on the used market.

Same can apply to our cars. My 2008 E90 had all options on it except DCT and alarm, 8200 miles, $67 sticker, bought it in 2010 for $46k cash.

Your Cayenne was an awesome deal. I found some pretty sweet 997 C2s deals out there in similar fashion...upgraded wheels, sport chorno, etc for virtually free options with low miles.