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Originally Posted by Templar
Originally Posted by Da M3nace View Post
"Smell good" i though you were kidding at first.
Nope, not kidding at all. If I am doing it by hand and it's gonna take a while, I enjoy the smell of a wax

Also, swirls aren't usually caused by applying wax by hand unless you're using an old/dirty applicator or you're applying too much pressure.

The majority of swirls in most cases are caused by washing improperly (i.e. using a regular old bucket with a cheap wash mitt and washing the whole car with it). That's why people will recommend using a "two bucket" method to wash the car with grit guards at the bottom of the buckets. I also use different wash mitts for different parts of the car. This way, you're not using a super dirty wash mitt (like one that cleans mud from the road) on your hood or roof (that usually doesn't have much road grime on it).
Agreed I love when the wax/quick detailed smells good... Like cinnamon