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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
OR you can have the following cars easily for what you just paid for a 3 series:

Audi R8
Lamborghini Gallardo
Ferrari F360
Ferrari F430 (higher mileage)

Hmmm do the math now. lol Dont get me wrong I am a modified E92 M3 owner as well but with that type of money I would have opted for a better car.
Geeze...what's up with the naysayers anyway? Tough crowd.

I read the LRP edition cars can be had for around $70K "even $80K that's not $100K"; can buy an AMG Black; A GTR Black; People don't pay what you think they pay; Would have opted for a better car blah, blah, blah

I posted photos for others & I enjoy re-looking at them. Yes, you could build the car from the factory, but it wouldn't say Lime Rock on the Monroney. There are only 200 of the real deal. Important...only to me & the 4 people who tried to buy this car after it was sold huh? BMW must be doing something right. Hey the paint, exhaust ,carbon stuff & steering wheel that's part of the package approaches if not exceeds w/install the $10K cost.

Additionally, I believe the 6 or so LRP's that came to the Pacific NW are all sold.

If you can - go out and buy a few for $500 over- at some point you'll be glad you did I think. In the meantime I'm watching what others are doing with their project cars for ideas.

Regardless, these (this) M3's are worth every penny to me.



2015 991 TT

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