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I am a dealer. Here is the internet MMR for Manheim auction sales. There is not much our there yet since it is a 2012 and the prices are not as low as you would think. A common misconception of people is that we make alot of money on used cars; well this is not always the case. I think you are better off trying to make a good deal on a new 2013. Best of luck to you.

08/30/12 NEVADA Lease $63,000 2,120 Above MINERAL 8G A Yes
08/30/12 NEVADA Regular $61,000 1,415 Avg GRAY 8G 6 Yes
09/06/12 DETROIT Regular $60,400 2,423 Avg BLACK 8G A Yes
09/18/12 DETROIT Regular $63,000 2,781 Above Black 8G A Yes
10/04/12 RIVRSIDE Factory $61,500 4,086 Avg LEMANSBL 8G A Yes
10/10/12 ATLANTA Lease $59,000 17,421 Below SPC GRAY 8G A Yes