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Originally Posted by apecush View Post
are you trying to learn to heel-toe for everyday driving or track driving, because there is a big difference between trying to blip the throttle 1000 rpm while lightly pressing the brake and trying to rev the engine to 8000 rpm while deep into the brakes. For the former case, I'd say wear a wide pair of shoes and roll your foot over. For the latter, work on your ankle flexibility and find an open road to practice your hard stops.
Actually, even on the track, you should rarely need blipping to 8000RPM.

This is a mistake I often observe with student. They tend to try to do the downshift early in the braking zone. It is as if they want to get rid of the downshift as soon as possible to concentrate on braking.

One should actually do the exact opposite, downshift as late as possible in the braking zone; so the downshift is completed just before turn-in. Focus on braking first, then as you scrub off speed, you will realize there is plenty of time to downshift. Downshifting later will require much less of an RPM increase so it requires less of a blip and is easier to achieve. Further, if you do miss the blip there is less compression to upset the chassis and if it does get upset, it is at a lower speed.

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