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I agree that the downgrade to the I6 is a shame, even though maybe the people at BMW will end up doing a great engine. But of you compare the current I-6 in the 335 with the V8 in the M3, they are extremely different.
That V8 is amazing.

Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
Hello all, like the title says i am looking into a M3. But i feel i am buying at the worse time possible. right when BMW is at the peak of its e9x line up and moving into different engines, different styling to the cars.

I am the kind of person who like the newest, and updated styling and engine in a car. but this time around its kind of different, i am not to happy with the new 6 cylinder engine that will come in it. i mean i am sure it will be more power, and overall faster with better MPG. but i e9x v8 is more for me. the sound, the fast and high revving. etc

Looking at the render of the new F m3 model. It does look pretty good, i might even like it better. time will tell. But again i simply do not like 6 cylinders for performance engines.

So let me summarize, i like to have the NEW, but want the current/ soon to be older model. very frustrated on what i should do. what are your guys thoughts on my predicament.