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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
Hello all, like the title says i am looking into a M3. But i feel i am buying at the worse time possible. right when BMW is at the peak of its e9x line up and moving into different engines, different styling to the cars.

I am the kind of person who like the newest, and updated styling and engine in a car. but this time around its kind of different, i am not to happy with the new 6 cylinder engine that will come in it. i mean i am sure it will be more power, and overall faster with better MPG. but i e9x v8 is more for me. the sound, the fast and high revving. etc

Looking at the render of the new F m3 model. It does look pretty good, i might even like it better. time will tell. But again i simply do not like 6 cylinders for performance engines.

So let me summarize, i like to have the NEW, but want the current/ soon to be older model. very frustrated on what i should do. what are your guys thoughts on my predicament.
BMW designs are timeless to a certain degree. By that I mean that they age well. Even a well kept e46 M3 still looks good to my eyes. The feel of a NA V8 is special, and won't be duplicated by a turbo 6.

There are also disadvantages to getting the latest model immediately.

1. Invariably, there are are bugs to get worked out. Look at the issue with oil pumps in the new M5, for instance.

2. Manufacturers always improve on the model mid production. After this, IMO, is actually the the best time to get a car. There is also a decent aftermarket already in place if you are in to modding.

3. Production of the current M3 will continue until late spring 2013. There will be a one year gap for the next M3 to actually reach the market, which means summer/fall 2014. That is still almost 2 years before the first batch is released. Then give it at least a year to get at least the first bugs worked out and you are looking at 2015 to actually buy.

Bottom line, get the e9x now. It wins on many fronts.
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