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Originally Posted by INT_ZBZ View Post
I'm in the middle of negotiations but can't seem to make the dealer budge much on price.

2009 with original MSRP of 68350 (+dest and guzzler tax which aren't my concern).
Previous owner was a doctor that didn't drive the car much. It now has 16k miles.

Best pricing I could get $50500 CPO or $49000 without CPO. To me that seems $3000 too high but honestly I think the dealer will find a buyer for that price without an issue. Seems like all the CPO M3s sell on the high end around here.

What do you think of that price? I always seem to hear that M3's lose about $10k per year for the first three years but this doesn't line up.
That is relatively high but depending on the supply and demand in your area it maybe reasonable.

I just bought a 2010 18k miles coupe MT with all options except rear sensor and cold weather for 47k (51.5k out the door). Mint condition inside and out, the interior is actually so mint if I only saw the inside of the car i'd believe it if you told me the car was new.

The original sticker on the car was 69k