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Originally Posted by MMM PWR View Post
After 3 M3s I figured I would try something different. Bought the C63 which has incredible torque and seats...but does not add up to the M. Tranny is a slushbox, wheels are way too narrow for the power and the oversteer is nuts...had to replace the front tires after one track day. Worst is mods...hardly anything reasonable avail for the C63. If performance is high on your priority list skip the C63.

The '13 GT500 however...great car but would def look at the BOSS or LT1 Camaro if leaning that way.
i would much rather DD a BMW or benz. i can see the BMW being more of a performer. the benz strikes me as a more classy choice. i love the sound of that 6.3 V8. like you said there is a trade off.

BMW for sure is most balance of sports and class.

the only pony car i really have a interested in right now would be a gt500. Its the insane amount of power that interest me,thats about it.