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I was thinking about this recently as well, and I solved it by experiencing the interior enhancements of the F30 and M5, and comparing it with the E92 M3. There was certainly a gap, but it is a gap that is acceptable to me when you consider the fit and finish of the 2011 - 2013 M3 models. I can live without back-up cameras, lane departure, and little gizmos that don't improve outright performance of the car. I can certainly live without the technology that pumps an artificial engine sound into the cabin (M5) I hope they don't do that in the new M3/M4.

If you know you like the NA V8, then I say seize the moment to be in one today. The M4, etc. will always be there if you feel you need to get out of the E92 M3 because it's "too old" technology / interior wise.