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Originally Posted by jdemetry View Post
I assume the transmission is set to auto? If not, I would not recommend going full throttle in a high gear at low RPM in any car. It can cause bad harmonic distortion to the bottom end where the crank gets torqued in ways its not supposed to. If you are in auto, then it should quickly shift, and that sounds more like a transmission problem than engine problem? I have a 6MT, so I can't provide much other help.

Good luck and keep us informed!
Well, there's something I did not know. Thank you! I was doing exactly that to test it (in manual mode). I also thought that it could be the transmission not downshifting earlier on D3. The truth is I've been babying the car lately and perhaps has "adapted" to soft driving. On D5 it does not happen, the transmission shifts preventing the hesitation to happen.

Thanks all for the brainstorming. I will keep you posted.
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