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Alex@Alpine Coding Review

After debating getting the LCI tail lights for awhile, I decided to purchase a set. Wow, do they look good. I thought the old lights were sharp, but now they seemed so outdated. The new lights are really impressive. I got a good deal from Tischer and it included free shipping.

With the new lights installed, I needed to get them coded. There's several vendors who offer remote coding. I also contemplated learning to do it myself, but since my Mac only had windows 7 64 bits with Parallel, I decided to just go with a vendor.

Alex@Alpine came through. I was in a time crunch, so he shipped the cable overnight and we started coding right away.

We had some initial problems starting because Parallel on my Mac kept giving us a "incompatible hyper visor" message. So he helped me download a copy of VM fusion, and we were on our way. Since I lived in a condo, I had to tether my IPhone to my laptop, which also slowed things down.

Once we started though, Alex was all over it. He explained what each item I wanted did, and made recommendations on which Items I should get and not get. For $60 for unlimited coding, I wanted as much stuff done as possible. It's such a great deal.

Although the whole process took a couple of hours, because of compatability issues, the coding itself took about 15 minutes.

Some items I got coded.

LCI retro
Euro hazard
Euro MDM
Video in Motion
Efficient dynamics
Route stop suggestions
And a lot more minor things.

$60 for unlimited coding, done by an expert, is a no brainer.