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Originally Posted by Aus_M View Post
Thanks guys, might add a poll tonight. There are so many blue and blacks in BMW paint .

The individual is pricey but most options are now standard on the M3's here in aus so it helps with the price (although its still stupid compared to the US).

Mum actually has a Jerez Black e90 ZCP so trying to stay away from that colour combo, although it is really nice.

I find santorini and laguna seca a bit light for my tastes and marino really pops but is a little "burple". My first car was a focus ST170 in "burple" and i would prefer a true blue this time.

Has anyone seen midnight blue? is it similar to Jerez?
You've got one cool mum bro, driving a Jerez E90 M3 ZCP Now if you tell us the car is a standard 6MT, that would be even cooler

There's also Azurite Black that is close to Jerez but it isn't. Midnight I think is also a bit close Jerez, but a tad lighter.