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Haven't had a chance really. I've had a CEL - increased emissions light go on and off the past couple weeks. So had Alan take a look at it during the 1200 service. They diagnosed it as a bad O2 sensor, replaced it and I left.

CEL popped back on same day, so took it back this past monday. Now they're diagnosing the car via the PUMA system (I think that's what he said). BMW NA helps diagnose the car and it's looking like a bad pin on my DME, which needs to be replaced.


It gets better. While the tech was test driving my car today, the truck in front of him blew a tire. Chunks of it blew out my new OSS headlight on the driver side. Also took out a divet in my newly shaved front bumper. Small dent on the front hood and a scuff on my roof, the last 2 of which the dealer repaired already.

Service has still been stellar. I know that stuff happens. What I judge on is how stuff is handled. When I got to the dealer, the tech, Alan, and the service manager all met me to discuss what happened, apologized profusely, and said all would be covered and for me not to worry.

They found a new headlight from parts, got that popped in, re-coded so that I could at least drive my car over the holidays. I"ll be back monday to drop off the car so they can ship the new headlight back to OSS for a re-do.

They're also going to respray my front bumper. When I asked if I could have it resprayed at the shop I've been going to for many years instead of using their preferred shop, Alan said "whatever it takes to make it right"

I think the way they handled it couldn't have been done any better. Total transparency, no excuses, and not once did I even need to ask that things be fixed. I defnitely have found my SA for the long term.