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Originally Posted by INT_ZBZ View Post
I'm in the middle of negotiations but can't seem to make the dealer budge much on price.

2009 with original MSRP of 68350 (+dest and guzzler tax which aren't my concern).
Previous owner was a doctor that didn't drive the car much. It now has 16k miles.

Best pricing I could get $50500 CPO or $49000 without CPO. To me that seems $3000 too high but honestly I think the dealer will find a buyer for that price without an issue. Seems like all the CPO M3s sell on the high end around here.

What do you think of that price? I always seem to hear that M3's lose about $10k per year for the first three years but this doesn't line up.
That is def. some low miles for a 2009 . Is this a Coupe (e92)? If so I probably would not pay more then 46-47k CPO (retail should be right around 47k fully loaded) and that is if it is DCT and with all options available.

Back in Feb. I had bought a one owner 09 Space Gray E92 (24k miles) Fully loaded with every option available in 09 for 45,500 + tax.title,ect.. and it was a late model 09 so it still had 18months or so of warranty and maintenance left