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This may be a dumb question, but what exactly is it that makes a care a "supercar"? From my casual observations, the only criterion seemingly necessary to apply that moniker is that the car cost minimally three to five times as much as 80% of the other cars on could buy instead, and by that virtue alone making them so called exclusive.

Supercar, now there's a marketing term if ever there were one. Sure many of them perform well, but few will actually out perform, to a degree yielding a cogent value proposition, say an M3 or M5, and to the best of my knowledge, none are as well engineered as 90% of the cars on the road. Yes, folks who have such cars don't drive them often, but no wonder since they aren't as reliable as a common BMW, Honda or Buick. Yes, supercar interior appointments are somewhat nicer than that of the the common luxury/premium car. Yes, the shapes are somewhat unique, though among "supercars" the shapes are rather hackneyed. For example, put an Aston, Ferrari, and Lambo coupe at the end of a football field, cover each with a sheet, and stand at the other end and ask a typical person to tell me which is which. Then put a Porsche and MB supercar in there. I'm pretty certain they could tell which one is the Porsche and MB. So in the main, I'm convinced that the marketing folks would call such cars super cars if indeed they were that spectacular, singular and seminal, and not just delicate toys for rich folks.

If automakers want to build truly super cars, they'd build one that handles like a Porsche -- more or less -- with the rock solid dependability of a Toyota. Quite frankly, if and when I do buy a very expensive car, I still expect it to be no less dependable than any other car I've own. I certainly don't intend to pay more and receive no more and possibly less. Hopefully if/when BMW build its "supercar" it will genuinely be a super car, and BMW will run with all due haste from the term "supercar."

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