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Originally Posted by S65NAPWR View Post
I agree that throwing M on every automobile BMW produces dilutes the meaning of the badge in of itself. However, enthusiasts (us) will always know the difference between a M3, M335i, and X6M50d (yuck), and as long BMW continues to produce quality real M cars (i.e. M3, M5, etc.) that's what matters. I couldn't care less about what other people believe they own or have (M badge wise), what matters is that the real M cars continue to be built as intended by M engineers.

Now if BMW decides to build a M335i that performs exactly as well as a M3 in every aspect, and charge me $20,000 premium for the M3 badge, we have problems.
A BMW enthusiast will know but a general car enthusiast will not. The AMG is a great example. I've been a car guy for a couple decades and there are a lot of Mercedes in the garage where I park. I couldn't tell you one from the other but I do know that one cost twice as much as another it was sitting beside. Sadly, I still don't know which is which.

My neighbor had a 335i and when she first saw my car she told me she used to have one just like it, referencing her recently sold 335i. I just smiled, it wasn't worth the discussion.

I like having a car that is special and that even many laypersons know is different from your typical 3 series. So no, I don't like BMW whoring it out. I did debadge my mustang but that was for stealth reasons. The M3 keeps that badge.