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Excellent review. I would second your comments on the RE-11. Great tire on the track, with excellent wet grip as well. Tire squeal does not bother me that much as I'm used to Micheline PS2 and Continental Sport Contact 3 which both squeal as much or more than the RE-11.

Would echo also your sentiment about them not loosing grip through the session. I generally find about 5-7 PSI pressure increase from start to end of session and tread will be happy. The only other comment that I would add is that I think the RE-11 might like a bit more camber than the other tires. I run 2.5 degrees negative and find that over the course of a few track days the little triangles on the side wall still get scrubbed off. Not an issue on the rear (1.5 neg). I run staggered set up.