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Originally Posted by NoM3Yet View Post
Thanks for all the great feedback.

You have both brought up exactly why I wanted to see what the wholesale prices. Most dealers are sticking firm to their 60k-65k prices, when I know they should be a lot lower.

I have speced out what I want in to get the invoice for a new 2013, so I know what a new one would go for.

I was thinking that I could pick up a very low mile 2012 for a good chunk cheaper than a new 2013, but as you suggest it's not working out.

I guess my search continues to get more expensive. I have been looking for an M3 for about 2 months and started with 2008s at 40k, and have continued to go up the chain, and now I'm at buying brand new one!

And I know whats coming next, I'll buy new and still continue to spend money on "toys" for the new car.

Sometimes I wish I didn't like cars.

Thanks again!
You should be able to get a used 2012 for a good deal less than a 2013.

Have you made a good faith offer? Or are you, in effect, just teasing the dealer about whether or not you are really interested? A dealer can sense whether you are a serious buyer or not and wont usually budge on a price until he's convinced you're in the game. You're never going know where the dealer is at on the price of a car you want until you say: "I offer you this much for the car and here is a check as a down payment." That's going to take a little courage on your part but, if you've done your homework, found the car you want, then you can get the car you want at a satisfying price.