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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
The strategy for the Z2 now becomes the Z3 as BMW resort back to the well-received name plate , Z3 will also replace Z4 and resort back to a folding soft-top roof. A Z4 replacement , entitled Z5 will move up one segment yet retain a folding hard top.
I hate the idea of the Z roadsters being badged with odd numbers: Z1, Z3, Z5. It would be more consistent to not return to the past and instead continue the even number strategy started with the Z4, which would be: Z2 (entry-level FWD Mini brother), Z4 (even though it would become more downrange, more affordable and go back to soft top), Z6 (Z4 going more upmarket), which would by the way leave an empty number 8 box for a potential range topping new Z8 with V8 engine to rival the Merc SL.

Maybe it goes down to BMW having a problem with the Z2 being FWD while they promised that only the "1" range would get FWD, hence Z1 instead of Z2... But that would still be much more consistent than naming ALL BMW roadsters with odd numbers (Z1, Z3, Z5) while their whole current strategy is to clearly separate the odd-numbered "classical range" (1, 3, 5, 7 Series, X3, X5) from the even-numbered "sporty/coupé range" (2, 4, 6 Series, X4, X6, Z4), they even kill the "M3 Coupé" moniker in order to have a clearly stratified and legible range! And yet Z1, Z3, Z5?? It's just inconsistent as roadsters are definitely more "sporty/coupé" models than "classical" models...

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