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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
after looking at alot of decks and software, how is the traktor with s4 deck? i like how the traktor software matches their hardware.

I had a Traktor S4 years ago. I quickly got bored of it however. It beatmatches for you, which makes mixing easier, but took out alot of the fun of Djing. If you're looking for a basic setup to just practice mixing, using effects, and just want to dj at a small venue (like a party), then the traktor s4 could work for you. Professionally though, i'd skip midi controllers and try your hand at some cd players and a standard mixer.

Originally Posted by koreez88 View Post
Traktor S4 is good. I played around with one of those at my friend's house. Rubber buttons suck, though.

I'd rather get this. I'm a huge Pioneer fan.

Wireless play option AND (I can't stress that enough) USB capability, so you can practice without a laptop.
Originally Posted by eamon View Post
Are there any programs to start DJing without purchasing equipment? I'd hate to throw hundreds of dollars at this without getting a little bit of an intro into the scene first.

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If you want to be able to mix, there are several options. You can produce using Ableton or Logic, however this software is expensive and can be tough to learn. For a free program to mess around with, you can always look into virtual DJ.

Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
hey koreez is that the pioneer ddj-ergo $600? the traktor s4 is $1k.

how is the numark mixtrack pro at $250 for a beginners set?
Traktor S4 is around $1000 new and can be had for less used. At this price though, i'd really look into some used professional DJ equipment. I bought an entire Pioneer setup for $1000 (used DJM700 and CDJ800's). Although some of this equipment may be older, everything carries over to the newer equipment out there. The only difference here are USB capability, digital inputs, more effects, individual filters for each channel, hot cues, and information that is displayed. While all these new features are great, this setup, which is significantly cheaper than a DJM900 and CDJ2000 setup (which is the standard setup used professionally), everything carries over with any other setup you will use and you'll learn more skills such as beatmatching, eq'ing, etc.
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