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Its always something different I own my own shop so I'm always on top of getting things fixed under warranty so I dont have to fix it. This is what I can remember having done the I drive knob came off trim was peeling on the steering wheel and drivers door handle drivers axle seal was leaking trans was rattling exhaust header collectors leaking window exterior trim was cracking emissions light was on 3x they replaced several evap valves new pads and rotors. The motor sounds like it has piston slap possibly a valve train issue but it sounds too slow for that. I noticed a ticking noise on cold start the last few starts so I brought it in for that the axle seal and the window trim for the second time. I picked it up 4 days later with everything fixed and BMW saying they couldnt hear the tick. I said ok no problem maybe its just me and drove the car to my shop 5 miles away. When I was on the freeway I noticed the noise and it was getting louder. I pulled into my shop and didnt even stop I could hear it very clear bouncing off the building. I turned right around and drove back to BMW and took the shop foreman Avery for a ride. He said what I was already thinking piston slap.