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Thanks for everyone's quick replies - I appreciate it. Here are some clarifications:

1) I DO NOT want to remove the resonator. I was using it as an example of a simple delete that makes a HUGE sound difference. I'm searching for the equivalent to get some more engine noise. I'm not that much of a tech so I have no idea if that's just not possible but I was trying to give an example...
2) I spoke with my SA and he did NOT recommend changing the air filter, especially given the most are oil-based and most I have research on the boards that people use are oil-based. I really don't want to screw with the warranty on an $82k car!
3) I will be doing the OEM Exhaust Mod (non-perf) because I'm feeling quite comfortable that it won't create a situation that will lead to voiding the warranty. But I don't think that will produce enough cabin noise for me, as clearly these cars are ridiculously insulated (especially now that my convertible is a hardtop).

Thanks for everyone's input/suggestions,