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Originally Posted by GAaaAR View Post
What an ignorant post. Sorry to be off topic here, but just want to mention last I checked US's economy is $15.2 trillion dollars while China is $7.2 Trillion dollars with over 4x the amount of people! Even if you add up China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, the US's economy is still larger despite only having 1/5th of the population of those areas combined.

What you need to ask yourself is why don't Americans feel rich and why is all that money going to the top 5% of the population. Don't blame the Chinese for our problems. This country actually has a lot of money. Somebody is being very greedy here and its not the Chinese with 1.3 billion people and only a $7.2 trillion dollar economy. What about EU and US with a combined 800 million population and a economy of $32 trillion whining about asians being too rich? Now thats greedy... lol Numbers don't lie but maybe the media sometimes does.....
The U.S. total wealth is $60 trillion - not $15 trillion. Our total debt is $15 trillion of which ~$3 trillion belongs to foreign nations (China owns on the order of $1 trillion of our debt).