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Originally Posted by jdemetry View Post
Not sure if this is the only reason, but many manufacturers won't allow you to "advertise" below a certain price. Furthermore, you may not want someone holding to a special price weeks, months, or years later.

Just my educated guess.
This pretty much hits the nail on the head. A lot of brands do not allow advertising below a certain MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). To do so would mean we could be black listed and prevented from selling the product. Asking for a price via PM ensures you guys get the best price, and we don't get in trouble for offering it to you.

Forum members shouldn't be insulted when they get different prices from different vendors. Some vendors have different strategies on selling their product. Larger companies tend to go for uber low prices and volume, and some of the smaller shops do higher prices and lower volume. It can be tricky competing that way. We try to offer our best price to our customers right off the bat so there isn't any haggling, but I can't tell you the number of times we've had to sell at cost or very low profit just to stay competitive with the larger vendors.

Anyway, for the most part you will get a better deal than the advertised price when you PM for pricing, and its usually well worth your time