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Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
Well, I know this model of M3 is suppose to be very reliable and it's not the mechanic that I'm afraid of, it's more the electronic and all the gadgets that these car have that could get easily real expansive to replace, specially since I drive my car all year long, there's all kinds of sensors and modules that can malfunction that it could just be cheaper and easier to just switch for a younger M3 instead of maintening this one.

Maybe it's just my bad experiences with previous Audis that make me think this way. It's my first BMW but I've eard of some pretty bad thing about BMWs long time reliability. But anyway, you can be sure that I wont get rid of it untill I start earing horror stories from other owners!

Owing a VW/Audi will def make ya paranoid about electric gremlins lol!

that being said, I understand that side of the coin, and this is why my car is a no option car w/ no nav and a 6 speed