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I have three cars. A "summer" car (Lotus Elise), a "3 season car" (M3) and a "winter/road trip car" (2010 TDI Golf).

Before I got the M3, I would drive the Golf really often, even during the summer. If the weather wasn't perfect for top-down enjoyment in the Lotus, I'd take the Golf and be happy about the 40+ MPG on my commute (vs _only_ about 28 MPG in the Lotus...)

Now, I have the BMW and it usually gets around 18 MPG on my commute but I talk myself into driving it over the much more logical VW even on relatively nasty days or on longer trips. So much so that I plan to keep the Golf through this coming winter, sell it in the spring and buy snow tires for the BMW or a beater SUV for next winter.

I love putting miles on my cars. To me, nothing feels like getting my money's worth out of the purchase than racking up some enjoyable miles behind the wheel.