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Oh boo-who..poor you... now hes playing the medical card..answer me this? is it that medical marijuana cases have increased like 20 fold since its become legalized in some states. Damn..thats some serious pain everyone must have been in all this time ..what a crock... just a way for people to get high legally

The actual percentages of legit medical cases who truly need to use marijuana for medicinal reasons are a tiny fraction of what they are now, and maybe you do fall into that category..only you would know.

As for smoking all day and being productive..thats an even bigger crock..its called self-delusion..hopefully you snap out of it some day... or not....Like the saying goes the world needs ditch diggers too.

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we actually dont want to be enlightened. lol. I actually need it for medicinal purposes, i have severe spinal damage and dis-figuration and i refuse to take heavy doses of drugs every day because a doctor says so. I can actually just smoke all day and be as productive as I am sober, or if anything, I am more productive high than sober. You talk like you know everything but you dont understand the real dynamics behind smoking weed. I grew up a world where everyone smokes weed, and im glad. why would i want to grow up in a world where people drink themselves to death, accidentally commit suicide by overdosing on hard drugs, etc etc.

no one died from weed, no one was ever hurt from smoking it. your an ignorant fool if you feel otherwise, and you are more so a fool if you drink alcohol. have a great day, everyone is entitled to their opinions and choices. im gonna smoke weed, and I do it with the greatest sense of pride because of ignorant people like you remind me how grateful i am to be a smoker.

so give thanks and praise to the most high jah rasafari!

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