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Hesitation under acceleration

The car hesitates when I step on the throttle on higher gears (6,7) at low rpm's (1.5-2k). Past 3k rpm's no problem at all. 2011 DCT, e90, Dinan pulley, Akra Evo, ESS Akra tune, 25k miles, original owner, 93 octane, sometimes mixed with Sunoco 100 (~ 95). I use Techron fuel system cleaner with every oil change (~7k miles). AA filter less than 10k miles.

Before I get the "just drive above 3k rpm's " replies: I do drive above 3k most of the time. I first noticed this while driving up a hill on D3. The car did not downshift initially and hesitated, until it finally made the downshift. Since it felt weird, to test it I have been (on occasions) accelerating while holding a higher gear (7th) at low speeds/rpms and it constantly does it. I'm afraid this could be related to mods (ESS tune/Akra Evo) since I don't think it happened before (or it happened but I didn't notice and now it is more obvious due to increase noise from the exhaust, I don't know). No CEL's/warnings.

These are my possible explanations:
1. It's normal, I'm almost stalling the car
2. Bad spark plugs (25k miles)
3. Torque dip from Akra Evo
4. Tune issue
5. Bad gas (less likely, using same since prior to mods).

I will appreciate any input on this issue, specially from fellow owners with similar setup.

Thanks in advance
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