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Originally Posted by m3an
First off, are you an adult? If the answer is yes, then you should be able to make your own informed decision about buyiing a 40K+ used car and not rely on random people on the internet.. Sounds crazy when you think about it no?

Secondly, mod the 135. You seem to want an M3 just b/c it's an M. If you think this car is much faster you're wrong. The 135 is easier to mod and much cheaper to boot. Also the car makes much more torque and in city driivng will feel much faster than the M3 which need to rev to make power. Give the 135 a chance, do some mods, and then if you want traded it in. You're gonna lose money right away trading the car.
First of all, through this thread I'm asking people's opinions and not to make the decision from here. I got my own decision but just want to know what people think about it.

Second, I want an M3 because it's an M car? Not really, again I told you that M3 is my dream car since I was in primary school. You know how it feels when you will be able to get what you dream but something bothers you. My best option for now will be test drive an M3 and think about how it feels and probably save some money for later on if I decide to buy it rather than buy the high miles one. Probably I will do Dinan Stage 2 that adds up 100 ft lb and 50 hp for less than what I lose when I trade the car.

The last thing that help me made up my mind is that I'm driving the car around the city that give me only traffic light stop n go or stop sign stop and go. With that being said from many M3 owners that I might be better of to keep my 135i because I drive it around town, I might put what they said in my mind
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