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Originally Posted by Presidio335xi View Post
Maybe it is your that are blinded about needed to protect the sanctity of the M3 and how nothing could be as good despite people's taste for different, yet similar things.
Look, the gist is that no one cares about your mods. You can talk until you're blue, but few people believe that comparing modded vs unmodded is a fair comparison.

Anyway, I think the situation is reverse. There is no interest in preserving the sanctity of the M3. We have what we have. It's not like we couldn't have purchased a 335i and modded it. Remember, you're the one here in our forum, talking about how your 335i is just as good, and thumping your chest about your mods.

I have nothing against the 335i and the N54. I considered buying a 335is. It's a fine car, but what ultimately disqualified it for me was the HPFP issues which has nothing to do with what we're talking about here.