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I disagree with waiting on tires because tracking destroys your stock tires. Pickup a cheap set of wheels (e.g., Apex) and throw on what will be your "track" tires. That does NOT mean R-comps, or even the best street tires (e..g, RS-3, etc) but can still be NT-05s or whatever else. Tracking on cheaper tires will often lead to chunking and excessive wear. I would also track on 18s as opposed to 19s as the tires are cheaper (as well as the wheels).

As for the Mini... I would not learn to track on a FWD car. Not that they are not capable, but there are fundamental differences to the driving style vs RWD. But I'm also a fan of Purple Derple's advice re getting a cheap track car (if you have the space for another car).

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I have a further question on brakes though. My car is 99.9% daily driver. I could see how stainless lines could be beneficial and not be a problem on the street but is high temp brake fluid strictly a track thing? Also, do those running track pads really change back and forth when getting back on the street?
SS lines are not necessary. And especially if you are going to be tracking irregularly (1-2 times/year is irregular), it is definitely not needed.

I don't change track pads back and forth because it is annoying and not needed. If you are going to only go 1-2 times/year, then a dual purpose pad will be fine (e.g., Stoptech Street Performance) to run all the time.
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