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Originally Posted by MysticBlue View Post
There are unintended and somewhat unmeasurable consequences. But just because it is unmeasurable doesn't mean it isn't there. There is no telling how many jobs are lost in the economy due to the higher cost of gas that everyone has to pay. But, just like higher taxes, the economy would do better without the artificially higher gas prices. There would undoubtedly be a higher number of productive jobs overall in our society without the gas jockeys doing something that doesn't need to be done, but it's not directly measurable, so... we end up having discussions like this.
If it made economic sense, then why doesn't the government just dictate that more jobs be created. Doesn't matter if they are productive or needed, just pay people for showing up to their make-work jobs and like magic the unemployment rate goes down and the economy improves, right? Sorry, doesn't work like that.
Actually the government has done that (though not necessarily "make-work jobs" as you describe full service gas attendants). Just look at FDR's first term as President.

You've also stated in a previous post that getting rid of full service would lower the price of gas and I agree that initially it would but eventually the price of gas would just return to the same prices (assuming that there are no other outside variables to influence a raise in the price) as full service due to the distributors raising the wholesale price.