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Originally Posted by eisenb11 View Post
The bounds of a logical argument escape you and you're so centered on "winning" that you've forgotten what you're writing about.
I'll never said my car was better, just different. Not sure I missed that point...ever.

Care to explain what is illogical about preferring a MT over DCT, or a DCT over MT? What is illogical about preferring an inline 6 that produces more HP and TQ with less displacement? Illogical about pointing out that you can buy Dinan parts and keep your 4 yr warranty?

Or is it illogical to compare a honda civic to a lambo given the basis of our conversation?

Maybe it is your that are blinded about needed to protect the sanctity of the M3 and how nothing could be as good despite people's taste for different, yet similar things.

relax buddy
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