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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
i just meant i was unsure if i would like the different feeling of the rear engined car. just have heard they are much more difficult to drive fast and skillfully. dont have the opportunity for ride alongs here. i have seen several caymans lose it and they dont usually recover just spin out while havent seen the same in 911s, just like you say.
GT3 is an extremely balanced car and very different from a regular 911. Its suspension geometry is absolutely fantastic out of the box. I havnt had much time in a 458 and not back to back with a GT3 but EVO said the 458 felt edgy compared to the GT3. Edit: This is from Autocar, not EVO. But EVO also picked it as the better car over the 458.

If youre driving a car that has limits of a GT3, or any other car that has limits that are close, if something goes wrong youre going to need to be a very very good driver to fix it, whether its a GT3 or Mclaren, doesnt matter.

Cayman S will be most like the M3, it will be easy to drive at 5/10s or 10/10s, but it has higher limits and is a much better handling car with tons more feel and you can really exploit the mid engined platform whereas the 911 will require you to become a better driver and adjust to how it should be driven.

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