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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
I don't know if I'm ready for it either. Have no track experience in any rear engine car. Not to worried about the target thing, let em come. I'm worried about not enjoying the driving experience as much as I already do.
Not sure what you mean by not enjoying the driving experience. If you haven't done at least a ride along on the track in one, do it! The experience is quite addicting. The rear weight bias is weird, but I think its just a matter of getting used to it.

The thing about the rear engined cars is that the back end swings slow. What I mean by this is that even though the back end feels like it wants to come around quite easily, its so slow that you have lots of time to catch and correct. In comparison, if I lost the back end on my mid-engined cayman, it goes fast and you spin like a top. While its much tougher to get the back end loose, its also much tougher to catch once it happens.