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Originally Posted by ranger22 View Post
I chose the cayman R route, but sometimes wish I would have gone with an older used GT3. The GT3 will still be faster (stock). I just didn't think I was ready for a rear-weight biased car. At this point in my driving learning curve, if I were to do it again, I'd probably look a little harder at the GT3.

That said, I've got some nice go fast goodies on my R now and it is a hoot to drive! I have run down some older GT3s at the track, but that could just be driver skill. Also, I don't feel quite as bad about beating on a Cayman as I would the prestigious GT3.

One more thought, I'd guess if you are driving a GT3, you basically have a target on your back at the track. Much like driving a BMW on the street, people will aim for you to pass and to generally get in your way.
I don't know if I'm ready for it either. Have no track experience in any rear engine car. Not to worried about the target thing, let em come. I'm worried about not enjoying the driving experience as much as I already do.

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