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Yeah $110 is pretty normal given the paint labor, and I think that's roughly what IND charges for painted covers. Unfortunately even though the part is so small, the paint shop still has to go through all the labor of mixing the paint, and matching it to your car if they have it available. Speaking of which, if your car is a few years old and/or it's parked in sunlight a lot, I'd actually recommend NOT going pre-painted since your car's paint might have faded a bit and thus a pre-painted cover wouldn't be an exact match, whereas if you bought it unpainted and took it to a shop with your car, they can match the CURRENT state of your paint, not its brand new state. But I suspect even pre-painted would look better than touch-up paint unless you're a ninja like M3 Esq. above apparently....

Unpainted covers are about $25. I'd actually recommend buying 2 or 3 unpainted covers and then getting them all painted somewhere; the paint labor cost difference will be minimal or non-existent to paint 3 of those things rather than 1, so your per-cover cost will be lower, and then you'll have spares if this happens again. I lost one because it just fell out on the road somewhere, and others have lost theirs at track days.
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