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Originally Posted by Abear View Post
Rick and Glenn figured that one out in Season 1. When they were pinned down in Atlanta, they covered themselves to get to a truck a couple blocks down. It only worked for a little bit though because it started to rain and it washed the smell off them.
This season is by far the best season. So much happening, and so much of it different from the comic. Makes it much better to not know exactly whats gonna happen. With Michonne finding the prison, its going to be very interesting what Daryl thinks about his brother being alive and kidnapping Glenn and Maggie. I bet Daryl kills Merle when they go to save Maggie and Glenn.

The only thing I dont understand is that I could have sworn I read somewhere about them making the Prison/Woodbury in to 2 seasons. Its moving so fast that I really cant see them pushing it to 2 seasons unless they start throwing in stuff that has nothing to do at all with the comic.
good call sir....i totally forgot about that.