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Yes, it's stock
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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
I like it but I would ditch the fairing. I had one on a previous car and 1- I noticed no reduction in wind noise or improvement in aerodynamics, 2 - it ended up scratching my roof. I just don't think Thule has engineered all that great of a product... It seems silly to add a fairing and then have the big hand-screws sticking up into the path of the wind.
+1. Even with the foam padding between the fairing and the roof, you will still get scratches. It's not the fairing that scratches the paint, it's the dirt and grit that gets trapped between the roof and the fairing/padding that will scratch the paint. I've had fairings in the past and will never run one again, it's just not worth the tiny aerodynamic advantage or slight noise reduction.