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Originally Posted by DaveDee
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For the guys with the Gintani exhaust systems, really want your help to decide what to order,
Which Xpipe should I go for, 4 resonated or high flow cats if its going to be mated to a Gintani sport back, what Im looking for is an aggresive sound with some good power gains for a daily driven car, Ive only heard the exhaust on youtube,
So im depending on you guys!
Thanks alot,

Hi Sam as the Aus Distributor I've had both. Valved sport with HFC and now quad resonated. I just loved the HFC but the quad resonated setup is the best exhaust sound I've ever heard, there was a transformation of sound and some power gains, not too much but about 15-20% louder than HFC

This video is set up to accentuate the louder side (windows open and all) but I hope you find it useful. There are lots of other vids of the HFC on my you tube channel. I would HIGHLY recommend the quads, the extra fuel smell is not that bad, no worse than a 100 CPSI HFC (Gintani is 300CPSI) but the sound is so good it just can't be captured on video.

Hi Dave honestly that gave me some reassurance of not getting the HFC xpipe and the video of that setup sounds sick man! And that's only the video! Uve gotten me watching the vid every other hour