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Originally Posted by Dave2
Originally Posted by carlfan View Post
Just curious.

So what do you guys usually do when you encounter a driver like apache335 that thinks it's ok to remain on the left lane because he is doing > 15MPH over the limit?

Do you flash your lights?
Pass him on the right (which is illegal)?
Do you tailgate him (which is illegal)?
Do you just stay behind him?

If you decide to pass him somehow, do you give him a dirty look? Or do you just ignore him.
Now I must settle for flashing the high beams. If that fails, pass on the right (ugh).

During my career as a police officer I would issue the ticket for Failure to Keep Right on a Multiple Lane Highway . Then, if he displayed a poor attitude, look for add-on tickets such as tinted windows, no front tag, etc. If he were a complete tool hit him with the speeding ticket also.
Daaaaaaang! You aren't a cop in los alamitos are you? ):